Basic Swimming Techniques

Breaststrokes Technique – Essential Basic Things You Need To Know

The breaststroke technique is among the most distinctive and frequently taught swimming strokes to beginner swimmers. This is due to the reason that at novice level, swimming breaststroke is very convenient since the head of the novice swimmer can be kept or maintained out of the water that effectively avoid any issues in breathing. The breaststroke swimming technique is also essential in open water like the beach, sea or ocean, especially during rescue missions since the breaststroke position of keeping the head above water can enable rescue swimmers to orient and navigate themselves in open water.Breaststroke Techique

Although, the breaststroke swimming technique is a lot different in competitive swimming, as in order to minimize drag and increase speed, the head of the swimmer is kept or maintained in the water as much as possible, and it only emerges or surface once for a quick inhale per breaststroke cycle. The breaststroke is among the most demanding and challenging swimming strokes for novice swimmers to properly learn and master, as it will take time, dedication, practice and training to learn this swimming technique. And once you do, you will certainly notice great improvement in your general swimming skills and performance.

However, for a novice swimmer, before learning the breaststroke technique or any other swimming technique for that matter, it is always essential to learn first basic water safety procedures and proper swimming skills and etiquettes. And since swimming is best learned through a guiding swimming instructor, all of these things will be taught and explained to you for your guidance and understanding. Make certain also that the swimming instructor is properly certified and trained by any national water safety authority.

In properly learning the breaststroke swimming technique, a private swimming instructor, although costly, will be a great teacher for mastering and properly learning the swimming technique. This is because private swimming instructors can devote their time exclusively for your training in learning the breaststroke compared to local or public instructors. By focusing directly to your breaststroke learning and progress, these private swimming instructors can easily enhanced your swimming skills from a beginner breaststroke swimmer to a more advanced level, and eventually, to being a master of the swimming technique.

Although the breaststroke swimming technique is demanding and challenging, proper training, commitment, and hard work can definitely help you build strength. This will surely help you to become stronger and much better in doing breaststroke or any other swimming technique that you like. Most swimming experts recommend that to be an effective breaststroker, you should make your arms and legs much stronger in order to kick harder. Workout machines that have pulleys or anything that works the hip flexors can strengthen your legs as well as doing dry land leg workouts or exercises. For your arms, triceps and bicep curls are effective for building strength. Doing bench presses can strengthen your chest and likewise can greatly improve upper body strength. And for more advanced breaststroker, performing these workouts should be done three times a week at least in order to excellently improve your breaststroke technique.